Sunday, January 6, 2013

Web Vulnerability Scanner, SQL Injection Tool

Ok guys These days I'm busy with some tasks regarding ethical hacking , so sorry about being late to publish posts for you.

Ok do you have a website????
May be!!!

If you have one are you satisfied with your web site security!! Do you know the places or vulnerabilities where a hacker could bypass the security and hacked in to your web site???

If you don't The tool that I'm going to give you today is somewhat useful to you. By using this tool you can scan your website and find the vulnerabilities of the website! Then as you know the places you should modify you can do it manually.

And yeah the specialty of this tool is that you can even find the vulnerabilities of the others' site also. If you are a newbie or a pro in Hacking you can use this tool and scan vulnerabilities of any web site and I can assure that this is much effective than other tools. And also you can find an inbuilt SQL injection tool so if you want you can SQLI to the targeted Vuln URL.


ENJOY !!!!

Disclaimer : I do not promote Blackhat or Greyhat Hacking. this is only for educational purpose.


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