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Make money with Adf.ly Tute 1

Ok Today I'm going to teach you how to earn money Using ADF.ly .

first of all you all must know that only after some hardwork and dedicaTion only you can earn money through internet .

Adf.ly is a service which allows you to shrink your URLs and make you to earn some money .

 you can earn money when a person clicks your adfly link.

the procedure is when the adfly link is clicked the user firstly go an intermediated site which ADFLy shows their advertisements.

And after 5 seconds the user is redirected to the actual URL.


Make Money With Links?

In this blog post I am going to share about Make Money With Links since some people are asking me about it. If you are here visiting this blog, maybe you are already aware about Making Money With Links. Yes, Adfly is one of the program that fall under this make money category. However it is not limited to adfly only.

There are many other type in this category. You can make money sharing pay per click link ads, or you can share shortened link, or you can make money by providing backlinking services for SEO.

Make Money With Link Ads and URL Shortener

First, I am going to discuss about two type of make-money-link.

1. Link Ads

In this category the links it self is the ads. Meaning that, when visitor click at the link, they will go straight away to the landing page. The url itself is the target. Usually you will be paid for every valid click for certain amount. As example in Malaysia, there are social media program like ChurpChurp, Says.my and Blin.gd which have the pay per click system. There are another program like Zuvvu and Mylikes which pay per click too.

The advantage of this system is that, usually the amount paid are quite high. Churp Churp , Says.my and Blin.gd as examples gives around RM0.20 per click.

However the disadvantages of this program is that, the link are 'exhaustive', when the advertiser budget are depleted, the link will give no more money. Sometimes maximum income per link ads are capped too so that the company can give somewhat fair chances to all their publishers sharing the same ads.

2. URL Shortener Program

Another model, ( adfly included in this one) is that, the links it self targeting other landing page or interesting content or url. However the links come with a twist. For interstitial ads the link will go to the ads page first then after some time, it will allow the visitor to visit target url after clicking a button. For Frame banner Ads, the visitor can straight away visit the target url but a framed banner will appears.

Compared to link ads, this kind of program pay very low per click depending on the region. As example, getting around $0.0001 per click in adfly is normal.

However the main advantage of this kind of program is that the link will always give you money as long as people are clicking on it. This make URL shortening program like adfly a good choice for passive income.

Example of make money program with link shortening is adfly, linkbucks, it.my and many more. Its up to you which one you want to choose.

How to make money with links?

Making money with links depend on which model you are choosing. For first model which is link ads, you click target is not that high compared to the second model. You can put you ads at the sidebar of your blog, twitter, Facebook, youtube and any other social media and earn some money. After the ads are obsolete, change to another ads. For making money with link shortener, it is the same except the link stays. The most important part is that you need to select good URL to share.

In order to earn more, it depends on where you put the link. If you use twitter, you need to know about tweeting, getting a lot of followers, getting clicks in twitter, twitter automation and many more. If you are using blog, you need to drive a lot of traffic to your blog. In this case it depends on your technique. Personally i suggest you go for organic traffic from search engine. It means that you need to know SEO.

Do not forget to visit forums and following some blog giving tips and trick on make money with link. Trust me, you will see a lot of brilliant idea on how to get people clicking at your link. Be creative and choose one suitable for you and start make money with link!

Adfly is a legit program to make money by shrinking link.

Make Money With URL Shortening Link, why it is awesome?

Make Money With URL shortening?

Make money with URL shortening is awesome unlike traditional make money with other advertising program.

    Most important thing is that you can get real cash by using the URL shortening like adfly.
    You can shorten literallya any URL (Except for adult content, although some company allow it)
    You can shorten any interesting link to a video people are talking about, hot news, and anything, share the link to twitter, facebook, forum, and you will get money for any clicks.
    If you host a download site, shorten the download link then you can earn a lot.

Basically it is up to your creativity in how to get more clicks.

There are various technique people are using to get money with URL shortening. You name it!

    Youtube technique
    Twitter autopilot technique
    Photo Sharing technique
    Blog technique
    Facebook Technique
    Torrent technique
    and many.. many more... 

Its basically up to your imagination.

The most important thing?

You can set it to autopilot.. and earn passive income! How awesome is it?

I am currently doing it with adfly.

There are many other program I wish i hope i can share sooner, when I am free. :)

Making money with URL shortening is awesome. Thats all I want to tell you. Its up to you, whether you want to join or not. I am enjoying the challenge of getting more click to the shortened URL.

Cashout Adfly USD5 , what to do next?

You make money with adfly, you get your first cashout.

We are making money with adfly and everybody know that getting money with adfly is quite slow because of the low payout per traffic. Unless you have a very high traffic, that a totally different story.

If let say you make the minimum USD5 cashout, what to do next?  Answering the question of what next is a crucial question. USD5 is not a high amount, but you can do a lot by using that USD5. This post will list down a few thing that we can do with that USD5.

Make Money With Adfly with targeted traffic

This is a tip for those who want to make money with adfly using blog. Some of my friend are asking whether you need a lot of traffic to make money with adfly?

My answer is yes! You need a lot of traffic. However, getting targeted traffic is better.

How to make adfly blog with targeted traffic

    Make adfly blog targeting certain keyword. As example, this blog targets "Make Money With Adfly " as the main keyword. Be creative and adventurous. Try your favorite keyword, like maybe, about your favorite hobby, favorite movie, favorite manga, daily quotes.
    Try to get your blog on the first page Google.com by updating your blog daily, doing some search engine optimization.
    Make sure your blog have good, original, beneficial content to your reader.

Benefit of targeted traffic

    By having a good targeted content, the likelihood of your reader to click at your adfly link is higher compared to untargeted traffic. Same goes to the ads in blog :)
    You can focus on the same keyword and related keyword to rank your blog better compared to a blog with no target reader where you lose focus.
    If you are using wordpress blog, if the traffic is not targeted, you only waste your blog bandwidth which related to your blog hosting cost.
    You will get better Return of Investment if you invest some money for your blog.

Thats all the tips from me, hopefully you can earn a lot with adfly. Make Money With Adfly is fun if we know what we are doing.

Any way, i did not use any media fire technique. So maybe it does not affect me. But being playing around with adfly, it trigger my curiosity of what happened. I will be covering about this issue in this blog too later. Need to do some reading. :)

Make Money With Adfly by giving away free ebook

Adfly is a legit program to make money by shrinking link. Click to  Join Adfly

This is something related to my future project. I am going to write an ebook which can be given away for free. The eBook will have an adfly link inside it.

Why make money adfly with free eBook?

1. Because it has a passive factor.
2. As long as people read and click we will get money

Why free?

Because many people like free information.

source : Xellon Adfly forum

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Few famous websites for sharing Adfly links

In this post I am gonna share 4 websites where you can share your adf.ly links.These websites gets thousands of visitors from US (United States) daily. These websites are great way to increase adf.ly earnings as adf.ly pays highest for us visitors. These websites are us based websites and you can post your adf.ly links their.
So without taking your further time, I am sharing those sites


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