Thursday, January 24, 2013

Contest !!!!!!!

Hi guys It has been about a year I have Started this Blog ! With the time the popularity of Satwayhackers has gone over seas. This time I'm hoping to held a contest for you.

Details :
 You have to be a blog or website owner What you have to do is Write a short article about our blog Satwayhackers & Software.
 Include the Link to our site in your Article.
 After Publishing the post Please comment below the link to your post + your Email Address
And you are Done ! 

Prizes :
 The most visitors you refer from your Article to our site you will get the most chance of being the Winner.   
 The 1st place will be give the chance of Publishing Banner advertisement in the left Hand Corner of the Blog for Lifetime !!!
 2 to 10 places will be given the Chance of Publishing their banner ad in the Bottom of the Blog for life time.(As you can see there are three Ads published in the Bottom)

Disclaimer :
Your Blog or website have to have 100 unique visitors per day to join this contest.
All the judgements will be Done by me and i have the sole will to choose the winner.
The competition Start From 2013.01.25 Ends on 2013.03.24


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