Thursday, January 3, 2013

Automated Sql Injection Tool

OK guys. This is a very useful software mainly for the ones who are newbies in the field of Hacking.
As you all know when some one creates a web site using HTML/SQ L etc. some times it makes errors in sq language. The most dangerous thing is that these errors can make your web site vulnerable and make your site exposed to hackers.

The tool today I'm giving to you is an automated SQLI tool which scans the provided vulnerable link of a site and get you the whole data bass out of it including the administration info!!

So with out any more bluffing I'll give you the link to the Download of the tool.

Download It here.

This is a limitted trial version so to make it pro. version

Run the Programme :

Register :

Under name type - Cracked@By.Exidous :

Under file : Download the file here and select it

Click regiser

And enjoy your time with this automated too.

TUT : copy and paste the sql vulnerable target url Id to the label target.
          click analize.
          If analizing is succesfull click get tables -----> get columns -------> get data

Works 100%



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