Sunday, August 26, 2012

Huawei media Pad Phone

Huawei Media Pad is a 7 " tab <I ve got mediapad 7 but to now mediapad 10 is released> It has lots of features etc etc etc but there is no Phone in the device . Though there are lots of phone apps in the google store for android  these apps doesnt work with the mediapad . There for  I thought of presenting you a new app which allows your mediapad coverted in to a mobile phone :D



Download this ZIP file to your computer and then copy it to your Android media pad data base .

the job is not done yet . Now you have got to download a ZIP VIEWER from the android market . And use it to open the ZIP file . And the open it from the media pad and after run the .APK  file . Then you will get a warning saying that this is a 3rd party software Just ignore the warning and carry out the instalation.


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